Barbara Koenen
Steve Williams.  1).  Over the soft horizon, a degraded moon appears.  “Through out royal fire, sound bones silently fall”.Steve Williams.  2.) "Melting rocks near and far, listening for object angels, hidden or hiding."Steve Williams. 4.) This is dark history. "Fire pots and campfires in lightening fields make shadowy planets grow".Steve Williams. 5.) "Here, solidifying rain. There, flowers of light grow over underground ghosts".Steve Williams. 7.) "...and today, bodies form in atomist rain".Steve Williams.  10.)”so this is our morning. Caves fill with dying stars, a rain of artificial light falls”. The royal man is hidden in mists and smoke.Steve Williams.  11.) A distant heartbeat from royal shadows. "This birth rises with the sound of bells".Steve Williams.  12.) A dissolving man watches this muscle fiber sunrise. "I see birds and projections of shadowy stars".Steve Williams.  14.) "We watch this burning object, trailed by ghosts, bleed a seed of light". The heaviest bead of morning...David Richards.  All Purpose PorpoiseDavid Richards.  Iron Glove.David Richards.  Molecular SwimmerDavid Richards.  Blob.David Richards.  Propper.David Richards.  Star-NosedDavid Richards.  Leg of Lame.David Richards.  A Clot of Dusk.David Richards.  Low SlungDavid Richards.
MUSCLE FIBER SUNRISE: Steve Williams and Dave Richards
February 25 through April 1, 2017. Artists' reception February 25, 12-5pm.

This 2-person show features paintings, works on paper and constructions that investigate the body, inner and imaginary landscapes, connectivity and games by artists Steve Williams and Dave Richards.

Stephen Williams and Dave Richards came to prominence in Chicago in the 1990s, with deeply personal and symbolic paintings and relief sculptures that acknowledged the influence of the Chicago Imagists who preceded them, but contained a gravity, materiality and lexicon of their own.

In Muscle Fiber Sunrise, each artist explores inner landscapes and narratives through a personal material vocabulary -- Williams working biomorphic scenarios with paint on paper and ink drawings, Richards constructing and collaging artworks that resemble games, toys, contraptions, organs and drones. Both artists deftly employ erasure and accumulation, highly finished areas contrasting with the rough and a muted palette with bursts of color and intensity. Memory – synaptic or nostalgic – is a running theme most easily seen in idiosyncratic text and titles.

Muscle Fiber Sunrise: synapses firing, goo connecting, scaley surfaces, drones and biomass, puzzle pieces that fit – or not. Erasure, construction, spirituality, mystery. Connectivity, electricity, strength, resilience, landscape and light.

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