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Buddha at the Hot Dog Stand
1997 -
What did the Buddha say at the hot dog stand?

"Make me one with everything."

So I did.

On rice paper, 1997 version, L to R, from top:

charcoal, plastic, silk flowers, oil paint, graphite, chocolate chips, sand, watercolor, hummus, chromium oxide, sesame seeds, tumeric, poppyseeds, felt dots, glitter, oil paint, cat litter, charcoal, grommets, spraypaint, wasabi, plastic eyes, candy dots, glass beads,
salt, plastic confetti, lavender, nail polish, flax, burns, spray paint, red pepper paste, fake grass, sand, flowers + watercolor, charcoal and holes.

Shown at Westwerk eV, Hamburg, 1996; Ten in One Gallery, Chicago, 1997; LIPA, Chicago, 2002.

Selected individual pieces: