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50 oyster shells, wax medium, and ...
sand, salt, twine, coconut, rubber eraser, copper, caraway, cosmetic foundation, model railroad grass, lipstick, brewer’s yeast, turmeric, orange sugar, glitter, cinnamon, cotton balls, amaranth, fiberglass, ash, sesame seed, goose feathers, cat hair, lavender, breadcrumbs, red sugar, coffee, synthetic malachite, “yves klein” blue, yellow pigment, charcoal, steel wool, tea, blush, mica, paper confetti, sprinkles, pollen, chromium oxide, cocoa, dirt, graphite, purple pigment, indigo, toothpaste, glass beads, wasabi, tobacco, bronze powder, poppyseeds, opalescence.

Donated to Bridge Magazine, 2004 Shoebox Series. Divided up into 50 shoeboxes.

mixed on oyster shells